Oliver Schneller

Telemann Sphere

28.04.2017 -

A tent-shaped sound space opens up. Several compositions by Georg Philipp Telemann can be heard at the same time in this acoustic architecture.

In a sort of acoustic architecture, composer Oliver Schneller (born 1966 in Cologne) makes up to 12 compositions by Georg Philipp Telemann (born 1681 in Magdeburg) audible at the same time. All important genres for which Telemann composed are represented: instrumental works, sacred as well as secular vocal compositions. The visitor enters the installation and hears at first a sound cloud that circles around him. From this cloud, single compositions by Telemann emerge one by one. Like details in the zoom of a camera, they suddenly become clearly detectable. Oliver Schneller uses the mechanics of the human ear that creates a hierarchical order of sound objects based on volume and spatial arrangement. Telemann's creative power and width manifested in his more than 1,000 compositions can be experienced in a totally new way.

Sound installation during “Telemania 2017” marking the 250th anniversary of the death of Baroque composer Georg Philipp Telemann