Painting – Action – Concept

Kienzle Collection, Berlin

07.07.2013 -

Where is painting going? Art always arises from questions. While artists were looking for new ways in painting at the beginning of the 20th century, half a century later the question arises whether painting is still capable of something new and whether photography, film and action are not replacing it.

The Kienzle art collection reflects pre-war modernism with a small group of works of names that stand for new paths in art, such as Franz Marc, Paul Klee, Kurt Schwitters and others. The focus of the collection is on American and West German art from the 1960s to the present day. These include names such as David Lamelas, Jack Goldstein, Jonathan Lasker, Gary Stephan, Christopher Williams, Emil Schumacher, Franz Erhard Walter, Klaus Merkel, Claudia Kugler or Bertold Mathes. Painting is at the centre of the Kienzle Collection. “The term painting, however, is broadly defined and thus offers links to other image techniques, especially photography and moving images. Ultimately, these artistic positions are almost always about the question of how a picture is created and how it relates to the viewer. "(Friedemann Malsch, Director of the Liechtenstein Art Museum) Instead of the set names of the art business, the collector builds on the personal view and the knowledge and selection criteria acquired in the process.

Since 2010, the Kienzle Art Foundation, Berlin, has been showing aspects of the collection, the rare intensity of which has quickly achieved a reputation for being special. In the interweaving of mutual references between her works, it becomes clear how crucial the artistic process is, which continues to document the artistic search, with the media always only being the tool. This first museum exhibition of the Kienzle art collection gives a comprehensive insight.