Lightning bolt

Hartwig Ebersbach

29.08.2002 -

"For me, painting is like a diary." With this sentence Hartwig Ebersbach characterises the role of his work. Art critics like to classify him as the "father of the GDR-unadjusted".

The artists approach to painting and his personality have to be differentiated.  It is dreams, visions and fears that he lived through and that become the material for his pictures. They are attempts at self-awareness which can also mean self-destruction.

The exhibition in Magdeburg is dedicated to the most recent works by Hartwig Ebersbach (born 1940 in Zwickau). The focus is on his lightning images. Their creation is illustrated by a series of drawings, which are shown for the first time in an exhibition. In addition, works from the “Haruspex” cycle and from “Kaspars Langenscheidt” can also be seen in the art museum. In Etruscan-Roman times, Haruspex was a shiver of entrails who tried to interpret fate from the innards of sacrificial animals. Kaspar has been the artist's alter ego for many years. In total, the exhibition includes over 100 works that were created between 1986 and 2002. This also includes woodcuts and sculptural work.