Ulrich Wüst

Photographic stops

26.11.2023 -

After initially working as a city planner in Berlin, Ulrich Wüst (*1949) was drawn to photography at the end of the 1970s. For him it becomes a means of subjective understanding about life in the former GDR. In photography he finds concentration and expression in order to bind his observations into the thoughts and emotions that trigger them.

Ulrich Wüst, from the series "Notizen" (Notes), 1984 - 1986
Ulrich Wüst, from the series "Roter Oktober" (Red October), 1989
Ulrich Wüst, from the series "Randlage" (Fringe Area), 2014-2018
Ulrich Wüst, from the series "Stromauf/Stromab" (Upstream/ Downstream), 2022-2023

Here he manages to precisely capture what everyday life drowns out. What is striking is the silence that surrounds all of his motifs, like the deserted streets in Magdeburg or Berlin. His motifs often appear as if they have been removed from the passage of time, destined to survive as photographs. The photographer's special sensitivity to contemporary historical processes and the changes that accompany them are expressed.

Born in Magdeburg, he developed a completely independent scenic view at an early age. Initially focused on personal documentation, he soon created a large number of his typical black-and-white photographs of streets and buildings with a generalized view of the city, its beauty and transience, its deformations and impositions.

Over the years, Ulrich Wüst also turns to the inventory that people hang on to, consisting of found objects or everyday images that he happens to come across. He is interested in interpreting the traces and signs of the past from today's perspective. Ulrich Wüst is obviously interested in concentrating the means of photography in the expression of these series, which leads to surprising narratives that oscillate somewhere between still life and abstract painting. From the 1990s onwards, a less well-known experimental tendency can be seen in Ulrich Wüst's work, which extends into the current picture themes.

With the selected series of images, the exhibition draws a wide arc through the extensive photographic work of Ulrich Wüst, winner of the 2021 Art Prize of the State of Saxony-Anhalt.

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