Second View

American photography

01.04.2007 -

The exhibition combines pioneering positions in artistic photography in the USA since the 1960s. All of them are characterized by a documentary registering attitude that approaches reality with undisguised directness and without using photographic effects.

Her pictures are cultural, political, everyday, symbolic, always subjective, but they are never ideologically, commercially or ostensibly significant. The exhibition conveys an attentive picture of affection and trust in people, to become aware of the opportunities in life and the richness of nature over and over again. This can be seen in Garry Winogrand's surprising notes in everyday life in the cities, as in the impressions of the colours of the west with Stephen Shore, in pictures of the loss of the landscape with the ideals of civilization in Robert Adams, in pictures of common life with Nicholas Nixon or in pictures of common mourning at the Vietnam Memorial in Washington with Judith Joy Ross.

Artists: Robert Adams, Stephen Shore, Judith Joy Ross, Garry Winogrand, William Eggleston, Lee Fiedlander, Diane Arbus, Nicholas Nixon, William Christenberry

From the collection of Niedersächsische Sparkassenstiftung Hannover