Sculpture Greenhouse

Johanna Bartl, Wieland Krause, Olaf Wegewitz

24.06.2012 -

The Sculpture_Greenhouse (Skulptur_Gewächshaus) consists of a steel frame from the greenhouse complex in Vockerode, which was liquidated in 1992.

Declared as a sculpture to be a space that should no longer be subject to human influence, a symbol of respect for all processes of natural growth that have been taking place undisturbed in it since 2005 has emerged. The artists, Johanna Bartl (born 1956, lives in Dessau), Wieland Krause (born 1956, lives in Halle) and Olaf Wegewitz (born 1949, lives in Huy Neinstedt), did not just come up with the idea of this work of art since the demolition of the facility, but also documented their different artistic thoughts on this sculpture.