Reinhard Stangl

Lemon yellow & night black

08.09.2009 -

Everyday life in the city, but also the idylls of nature, the ambiguity in still life - in the end, Reinhard Stangl's painting, which is so permeated with life, is expressly the medium of colours.

The painter acknowledges this fascination that colours mean for him: “I proceed very simply. I have a favourite colour, let's say pink, antique pink; then I pay attention to where this colour appears, e.g. in a sky, on a beach or in a photo. ... So when I discover my colours somewhere in nature or in reality, I also try to make the object clear to myself. I have to bring this together, otherwise I can't start. For example, when it really rains here in Oranienstrasse, the coloured lights of the cars multiply in the puddles and on the asphalt. I already have the painting movements in my hand. Sometimes it works on the screen too." The exhibition comprised a large number of works that had been created over the past ten years.



Reinhard Stangl. Citronengelb & Nachtschwarz
Edited by Annegret Laabs and Uwe Gellner, 2009
Texte germ./engl.: Uwe Gellner, Annegret Laabs, Jürgen K. Hultenreich, Interview with Reinhard Stangl
129 p., numerous illustrations, Hardcover
Bielefeld, Kerber Verlag
ISBN 978-3-86678-341-6
24.00 Euro