project user interface


27.10.2011 -

12 actors from Magdeburg's urban art sector are involved in the "project user interface CITY". Their working methods usually have little contact with the conventional art business, because they are mainly found on walls, posters, T-shirts or record covers.

Through them, the Kunstmuseum Kloster Unser Lieben Frauen temporarily becomes an interface between art and subculture.
What possibilities and deficits does your creative energy rub against and what do you dream of? The aim is not to exhibit existing works by the actors. Rather, the participants will work together as individuals on a kind of walk-through city map that acts as a vital organism and grows together from light, sound, colour, sculpture and film. The visitors are invited to take a look back in time, to hike into rooms for which the user interface CITY provides access.

Participants: Steffen Jany, René Jenrich, Johannes Koch, Steven Krüger, Stefan Haberkorn, Alexander Hanke, Thomas and Tobias Hildebrandt, Gordon Parkz, Dela Soné Santiago, Hans Schinlauer, Michael Schwarzer