Focus on young art

05.04.2014 -

The exhibition series of the Jürgen Ponto Foundation for the promotion of young artists presents three exceptional artistic talents from Saxony-Anhalt in 2014 in the Kunstmuseum Magdeburg:

Laura Bielau (born 1981 in Halle/Saale, lives in Berlin)
In her photographic series, which appear in the habitus of the documentary, the photographer creates complex intertextual and interpictural references to the history of art and photography, which can only develop their referential power in the interaction with the knowledge of the viewer. The network of relationships between photographer, subject and viewer is subtly questioned.

Johannes Nagel (born 1979 in Jena, lives in Halle/Saale)
The ceramist creates sculptures that reflect their own medium: the division of labour process of creation, conventionally connected with the goal of an elegant design product, is overcome in favour of emphasizing the spontaneous and process-like. Previously targeted manufacturing processes are transformed into ontological experiments with shapes and materials.

Ginan Seidl (born 1984 in Berlin, lives in Halle/Saale)
In multi-channel video installations, the media artist assembles poetic image landscapes, everyday noises and narratives into associative structures in which imagined places - memories, dreams, longing or fantasy - have to be put together by the viewer. The subjectivity and changeability of memory can be experienced in the installations.

With the exhibition series “Focus on Young Art”, young artists under the age of 35 are specifically supported in the regions and thus the regional art scene is also strengthened. In previous years, the regions of Thuringia and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania were the focus of interest.