Flash Back

Kassandra Wellendorf, INVISIBLE

06.05.2013 -

Kassandra Wellendorf (born 1965, lives in Copenhagen) traces the meeting of private and public in her videos with high visual sensitivity and poetry. For the film INVISIBLE, she watched the people at the central bus stop in Copenhagen for 20 days with the camera.

The abundance and variety of gestures and feelings captured is impressive. Boredom and curiosity are part of it, but also love or 'routine waiting'. The public space suddenly becomes intimate and private. The people seem to be following a hidden choreography. Their waiting releases them from the hurry and restlessness of the city and the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Coming to rest is forced, but the reactions to it are spontaneous and reveal something about the respective person. The atmosphere of the film is not only determined by the pictures and scenes, but also essentially by the music.