Ulrich Wüst

A set of photographs

02.09.2015 -

Photographer Ulrich Wüst has been living in Berlin for quite a long time but now and then he comes to Magdeburg, the city of his childhood, in order to take pictures. His first valid black and white photographs were taken in Magdeburg at the beginning of the 1980s.

Many of them show older buildings. The calm clarity of the images suggests that what they show has always been the same. But comparing the photos reveals changes. The streets and façades of buildings provide information on the people living inside. The latter live with the course of time and weigh what to preserve or not. Parts of the photos were taken on behalf of urban planning. Ulrich Wüst’s characteristic photographic position, his ability to get façades to speak, bestows on them an artistic significance. With more than 130 photographs, the exhibition opens up the view into Magdeburg’s recent history.


Ulrich Wüst, Ottersleben, 1981