Today. Painting

16.10.2012 -

Artists: Gerhard Richter, * 1932 in Dresden; Jonathan Lasker, * 1948 in Jersey City, USA; Peter Halley, * 1953 in New York; Adrian Schiess, * 1959 in Zurich; Neo Rauch, * 1960 in Leipzig; Daniel Richter, * 1962 in Lütjenburg; Fabian Marcaccio, * 1963 in Rosario de Santa Fé, Argentina; Alicia Paz, * 1967 in Mexico City; Sarah McGinity, * 1974 in Australia; Rashid Johnson, * 1977 in Chicago

Only a few years ago it was declared to be out of date, today painting has gained in importance again and the old reservations have almost been forgotten. The exhibition TODAY. PAINTING is looking for a cross-section of the consideration of painting in the course of its regained attention. Which expression and which methods currently characterize them? The exhibition shows positions that pursue the creation of images in the visual without committing themselves to specific tendencies, schools or generations. All the artists in the exhibition are distinguished by the fact that they have always stuck to painting.

No other medium of art is as old as painting. No other medium takes place so far from the real world and is so completely free in its possibilities as painting. Does that mean that painting can come particularly close to humans? The question is about the process of painting as a field of investigation, which currently gives an equivalent to the contradicting, unchangeable and complex relationship between man and world. The questions touch on, for example, the relationships between hue and colour gesture, image surface and image space, illusion and reality, conception and author. Painting creates its own objects, its own space, its illusion, its sensuality and its emotions, and all of this is based on individuality. Contemporary painting attests to a remarkable diversity of ideas and expression. A selection of renowned international positions is shown, less for comparison than to illustrate what is unique and special. Exemplary will show what painting brings to today's dominance of media images and certainly also what painting is currently gaining as a reflex on the media.



Heute. Malerei
Edited by Annegret Laabs, Uwe Gellner, 2013
Texts germ./engl.: Annegret Laabs, Uwe Gellner,
Translation: Nikolaus G. Schneider, Steven Lindberg
176 p., numerous illustrations, Hardcover
jovis Verlag
ISBN 978-3-86859-247-4
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