(Hi)stories in art

30.01.2019 -

Every piece of art is a novelty and a reinvention. Therefore the stories which are connected to the work of art, are diverse and often surprising. How did the idea develop, how did it come by its structure, composition and its novelty?

The exhibtion presents the countless relations and stories connecting the individual works, establishing them in their time, hence forming art history. The occasion for the exhibition is the huge number of important and valuable works of art, which have been included in the museum's collection over the years, partly by targeted purchases, partly by donations or in a few cases as permanent loans.

This gratifying growth of the collection deserves the public presentation and appreciation: Paintings, sculptures, photographs or videos by Yto Barrada, Horst Bartnig, Laura Bielau, Eberhard Blum, Christian Boltanski, Lawrence Carroll, William Christenberry, Brian Eno, Lucas Foglia, Andrea Fraser, Jochen Gerz, Günter Fruhtrunk, Pepa Hristova, Peter Herrmann, Annika Kahrs, Wieland Krause, Hans-Wulf Kunze, Marie-Jo Lafontaine, Dieter Lahme, Klaus Lehmann, Rolf Lindemann, Mario Lobedan, Adolf Luther, Kaffe Matthews, Christiane Möbus, Alicia Paz, Karl Prantl, Hans Scheuerecker, Bernard Schultze, Tilo Schulz, Hans Schulze, Sean Scully, Laurie Simmons, Max Uhlig, Richard T. Walker, Olaf Wegewitz, Andreas von Weizsäcker i.a. will be presented.