Raffael Rheinsberg

Everything has its time ...

12.07.2011 -

“Everything is there. You can work with anything,” says Raffael Rheinsberg (born 1943 in Kiel), who arranges similar things in large fields.

The realisation of each of his works is preceded by a process of collecting: mentally vagabonding about thematic possibilities, he wanders between places and non-places. Preferably in seemingly artless areas - on industrial sites, scrapyards and in factory halls - he rummages for his material and comes across objects that were never intended to be beautiful, but all of a sudden reveal a beauty and history.

The installations by Raffael Rheinsberg, which have been made since the late 1970s, set a milestone in art. Nobody else could give the testimonies of the everyday life of the industrial age a picture of comparable clarity, nobody did justice to the constant change that releases these testimonies so numerous into the world of memories. Under the title "Everything has its time", Raffael Rheinsberg is showing three of his large multi-part installations in Magdeburg, they are made of steel, clay and chamotte. People as the originators of these everyday testimonies conceived them, used them and in the end put them aside, dismissed them, forgot them. Her time was up when the artist discovered and picked her up. Their fading functionality not only reveals an amazingly rich aesthetic, the things laid out catalogue the ephemeral, they hold onto what is passing. They push themselves across the passage of time that runs over them.