Dieter Lahme creates sculptural systems (Plastische System). In his sculptures, geometric bodies come together in novel constellations. “Doppelhof" by Dieter Lahme, which emerges from the sculptural system "Doppelhof", has been newly installed. The original work consists of four individual parts that can be put together in different ways. Everyone can decide how the artwork can look and try out the variety of possibilities. Lahme's plastic systems merge sculpture and action, as well as geometry and chance. The aluminium sculpture is an example of the many possibilities that "Doppelhof" can take on. They form experimental arrangements, close to the human scale, in which deliberate design and random coincidences intertwine. The anthropological archetype of the pitched roof meets the basic geometric form of the cuboid. The combination creates a new form that already harbours further combinations: couldn't the sculpture also stand upside down?

photo: Dieter Lahme, Doppelhof, 2020