Robin Minard

Works with Sound 1984-2017

24.10.2017 -

The Canadian composer and sound artist Robin Minard (*1953 in Montréal, Kanada, lives in Weimar) left the protected concert hall in the end of the 1980s to argue with the real sound space of the urbane world and to search the sound-ecological balance that, thus his intention exists till this day, in our everyday world.

More than 30 years later an extensive, internationally important oeuvre has originated. In him visual and acoustic perception associates themselves. Besides, the architectural rooms in which he realizes his works have turned out ideal field for the test of both principles. Nevertheless, the sound installations of the Canadian artist are not there to fill acoustically these rooms as it happens during a music event. Robin Minard explores rather the places to draw the attention to other specific features.
Besides, the experience of the hearing is not limited by the time. Who approaches the installations, can return, differently than with concerts which are engaged to temporal default.

Robin Minard, Brunnen, 1994/96_2017

For the visitors this means that they preserve her autonomy and receive action clearances to the creation of own sensuous experience.
The exhibition in the art museum of Magdeburg should bring together for the first time the most important installations results since 1984 and ideas of the artist which were realized worldwide at a place. After 1996 it is the second exhibition Robin Minards in Magdeburg. How at that time, his work shall not be heard (only) at the usual places.



Robin Minard. Works 1984 - 2019
Edited by Annegret Laabs, 2011
Text: Robin Minard, Helga de la Motte-Haber, Barbara Barthelmes, Annegret Laabs
Translation: Julian Wheatley and Konstanze Plötz
176 p., germ./engl., numerous illustrations, Softcover
VfmK Verlag für moderne Kunst, Wien
ISBN 978-3-903269-90-3
24.00 Euro