Mario Lobedan


27.03.2018 -

Mario Lobedan (*1961) has been living in Magdeburg since 2002. Having finished his studies in Leipzig, he continuously developed his painting over the last years. He disengaged himself from impressionist sentiments and turned to colours expressively occupying the pictorial space.

Today, the painter is willing to audaciously alter the “Mentalgestik” (mental gesture), the emotional expressivity that is the foundation of his paintings. Applied with fluid gestures, an abundance of intuitively layered movements and colours cuts across the surface. At times, it invokes analogies to landscapes, however, the paintings neither show particular places nor any representational commitments. They rather remain in a state of floating latency and keep the freedom of antithetic situations.

It is not unusual for his paintings to go through stages of formation and destruction, letting light and dark, colour and space react without embracing each other harmoniously. Such polarities not only make Lobedan’s painting novel, they also allow for an interpretation as a reverberation of our times. The leap in his evolution in recent years, in his paintings and drawings alike, has long been calling for a public presentation with which the Magdeburg Art Museum acknowledges the painter.



Mario Lobedan. Allegro: Painting and Drawing
Edited: Annegret Laabs, Uwe Gellner, 2018
Texts germ./engl.: Uwe Gellner, Julian Wheatley
91 p., numerous illustrations, Softcover
ISBN 978-3-9816665-5-7
Price: 12.00 Euro