Looking for Humanity

14.05.2023 -

The world is in a fragile state. As a result, the constant negotiation between art and life, between political activities and their results, is becoming more and more a topic for the art of our time: How do we want to live in the future? How and where do we go in search of humanity?

The exhibition presents international positions from photography, video art and installations that are currently involved in the debate about power and the effects of power, and artists who take a stand in terms of responsible humanity.

Art's power lies in blurring boundaries, redistributing relationships between spaces and times, between reality and fiction. Artists ask questions and "question", they explore physical, emotional and aesthetic boundaries and thus also target the practices and logics of political action itself. It is about the fragility of representative bodies and the limits of parliamentary democracy, about war and peace, about freedom and humanity. The focus is on personal commitment, which consequentially turns against a policy that propagates segregation and exclusion.

The works in the exhibition “Looking for Humanity” can be read as seismographs of present-day political activity and invite people to confront the questions of the future that concern us as human beings.

Artists: Yael Bartana, Pauline Boudry/Renate Lorenz, Sergey Bratkov, Chto Delat, Johanna Diehl, Jonas Englert, Jochen Gerz, Manaf Halbouni, Robert Kunec, Anna Malagrida, Cemile Sahin, Nasan Tur, Silke Wagner, Tobias Zielony


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