Jim Rakete

State of Things

09.10.2013 -

From 2009 to 2011 Jim Rakete (born 1951 in Berlin) exclusively photographed legends, makers and talents of German-speaking cinema.

The result is the series of portraits “State of Things”, which was originally planned as a manageable Hall of Fame, but then developed into a comprehensive show for the new exhibition rooms of the German Film Museum. All portrayed have had themselves photographed with a prop or an object that is important to them and with which they associate a personal memory of their cinematic career. Contrary to his usual habits, Jim Rakete photographed the “state of affairs” in colour, which is due to the central role of the objects, which, as part of a cinematic world, deliberately refer to another level. In contrast to his previous large series of portraits “1/8 sec.”, The “State of the Art” is digitally photographed. Instead of just a few recordings, this time the photographer took a large number of photos per shoot. A completely different approach, but once again the result is rocket's gentle, clear style.

Exhibition in cooperation with the 3rd Film Art Days Saxony-Anhalt and the Filmmuseum Frankfurt / Main