Inner Motion

21.02.2012 -

The personal style of the videos shown by Nan Hoover, Bjørn Melhus and Yehudit Sasportas is linked by the fact that they penetrate the picture from the silence of the darkness. Subtle movements take place on a membrane between the outside world and inwardness, searching, driving, sighing and in an immediacy that makes any distance disappear.

The American artist Nan Hoover (1931-2008) moved to Amsterdam in 1969 and became a pioneer of video art in Europe. Emerging from the art of performance, her early videos explore the relationship between body and light. At the beginning of the video medium, there is the question of self-exploration with the camera, but at the same time the technology of electronic images and sounds leads to visionary experiments and unexpected excursions into the limitless.
With the German video artist Bjørn Melhus (born 1966) and the Israeli artist Yehudit Sasportas (born 1969), two important actors from the current international video art scene are represented. Her work shows that the electronic image medium is increasingly subject to critical self-reflection. Bjørn Melhus's “Emotion Field” uses the suggestion of coloured light on monitors, coupled with a sound collage from Hollywood cartoons, to uncover the stored images of the film industry in the individual memories of the viewer. “The Lightworkers” by Yehudit Sasportas takes the viewer into a paradise or end time situation. Their gradual changes seem to exist, controlled by an unknown hand, already in a state of limbo, which corresponds to an artificial, increasingly perfect media reality, the sources of which remain hidden.