Frieder Heinze

Signs and wonders

01.10.2013 -

Large-format picture canvases, delicate tissue paper, stone, clay or cast iron: the variety of motifs and techniques knows hardly any limits and yet pictures by Frieder Heinze (born 1950 in Leipzig) are unmistakable and characteristic.

He does not deny his sympathy for Paleolithic rock carvings or for the everyday art of different cultures. As early as 1977, Frieder Heinze and Günter Huniat founded the “Mogollon” studio in the east of Leipzig. With Olaf Wegewitz, the object book “unaulutu”, which stepped out of tradition in every way, was created in 1982. The first Leipzig Autumn Salon in 1984, together with Lutz Dammbeck, Olaf Wegewitz, Hans-Hendrik Grimmling, Günther Firit and Günter Huniat, was ground breaking. The exhibition in the Kunstmuseum Magdeburg is the first comprehensive retrospective on Frieder Heinze, whose work is represented in all major art collections in eastern Germany.