Frieder Heinze


08.03.2022 -

Frieder Heinze's pictures seem to open a window into a kind of parallel universe. Strange creatures populate it. Small monsters look at us with big, round eyes, cars fly around, animals join them. The works of Frieder Heinze are directionless – topsy-turvy.

Frieder Heinze was born in Leipzig in 1950 and has lived in Großpelsen since 1991. He studied at the Academy for Graphics and Book Art in Leipzig with Werner Tübke and Wolfgang Mattheuer, then became a master student with Tübke and Bernhard Heisig. From 1977 Heinze began sculpting with Günther Huniat and worked as a freelancer in Leipzig. Even as a student, Heinze made intensive artistic contacts with "non-conformist" artists and in 1984 was a co-initiator of what was probably the most important non-conformist exhibition in the GDR, 1. Leipziger Herbstsalon.

 Frieder Heinze's works invite you to read your own stories in the zincographs. At first glance they may seem childishly naïve, but the enigmatic composition of figure, shape and colour leaves everything open, making each picture a riddle that will never reveal its secret.