Flash Back

Annika Kahrs, Strings

06.09.2013 -

Annika Kahrs (born 1984, lives in Hamburg) takes up in her video work Strings, which she has staged several times as a performance, defines structures and creates a context that dissolves clear orders and turns them towards something new.

Four chamber musicians interpret the string quartet opus 18, No. 4 in C minor by Ludwig van Beethoven. The initial harmony soon comes to an end, because after each movement the musicians swap places and instruments with the neighbour on the right until everyone has sat once at each seat. Although the musicians bravely face the task, the uncertainty and dissonance increase as they move further, which not only triggers amusement among the musicians. As an example, it is shown here how structures can be lifted through a minimal shift and a process of change begins, which forces the actors to look for new strategies.