ff. about the love of art

05.07.2015 -

that is how the members of the association of friends became supporters and sponsors of the Magdeburg art museum.

In an exhibition about this subject, the friends have chosen – from a very personal point of view and on the occasion of the museum’s 40th anniversary – works of art from the museum’s collections. Additionally to the permanent exhibition and the exhibition 40 YEARS | 40 ARTISTS | 40 WORKS, these works had still been waiting to be presented. Many of them are works on paper that can only rarely be displayed for conservation reasons, sometimes they are new in the collections and shown for the first time, but there are also those that have not been on view in a while because museums can always only show a small part of their collections.

The friends’ very personal texts provide immediate access to the works of art by outlining in a very stimulating way why the respective work of art in particular became part of the exhibition.

The exhibitions includes works by Theodor Balden, Ian Hamilton Finlay, René Graetz, Frieder Heinze, Eugen Hoffmann, Wieland Krause, Hans-Wulf Kunze, Max Lachnit, Bruce McLean, Jenny Mucchi-Wiegmann, Emerita Pansowovà, A. R. Penck, Gabi Rets, Ingrid Roscheck, Franziska Schwarzbach, Laurie Simmons, Hans Steinbrenner, Werner Stötzer, Dagmar Varady, Auke de Vries, Olaf Wegewitz, Andreas von Weizsäcker.