ELBE [in] between

Water, Rivers, Times

22.09.2007 -

There are many reasons to approach the Elbe from the perspective of artists. One of the most important is the location of the art museum on the banks of the Elbe. “ELBE [in] between” encompasses both the exhibition and the Elbe as an art space, in the section between the Sternbrücke and Strombrücke.

For this section of the Elbe, the invited artists have developed proposals that can be seen in the context of the exhibition and later implemented in a selection in the public space on the Elbe. The exhibition also includes numerous other current artistic contributions on the subject of the river. It is about the perception of the course of the river between source and mouth, about topics that reflect the relationship between man and river, e.g. the river as the sublime of nature, the infinity of the flow of water and time, the river as borderline and connection point, changeability the visual on the river, the current ecological state.

Artists: Robert Adams, Susanne Ahner, Anne Rose Bekker, Alighiero e Boetti, Felix Droese, Ian Hamilton Finlay, Lili Fischer, Gloria Friedmann, Hermann & Heym, Roni Horn, Marcello Jori, Koji Kamoji, Ralf Kerbach, Rainer Kirberg, Hans W. Mende, Christiane Möbus, Daniel Mohr, Frank Heinrich Müller, Maurizio Nannucci, Ulf Puder, Reinhard Rex, Jewyo Rhii, Per Olaf Schmidt, Silke Silkeborg, Susan Turcot, Dagmar Varady, Auke de Vries, Ursula Wevers, Markus Wirthmann, Ulrich Wüst, Kailiang Yang