Country. Photography

28.06.2022 -


Photographs are investigations into the reality of our lives - be it in the vastness of the provinces, in social interaction or in the imagery of the past.

Stephanie Kiwitt (b. 1972 in Bonn, lives in Halle/Saale) knows how to highlight typical phenomena of our time and examines urban spaces with remarkable flair. To do this, she invents her own photographic perspectives. In this way, the familiar is illustrated by unusual perspectives, graphically dissected and enlightened.

Jens Klein (b. 1970 in Apolda, lives in Leipzig) works as a photographer, mostly with found footage and pictures. He compiles his series of images from the materials in photographic archives and develops his own narratives. He documents and questions the use and misuse of photography. None of the photos that Klein uses were made with artistic ambitions; the recording of these pictures was often for practical reasons.

At first glance, the methods used to create the photo essays by Matthias Zielfeld (b. 1976 in Esslingen am Neckar, lives in Leipzig) have actionist traits. He captures moments of the mundane everyday life. In fact, however, the photographer is concerned with testing the climate of social spaces and social behaviour with the camera. His photographic forays lead him purposefully over crowded squares, at crossroads or over construction sites.

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Matthias Zielfeld, das heft deutschland 10, 2010/12
Stephanie Kiwitt, from the series "Flächenland", 2022
Stephanie Kiwitt, from the series "Flächenland", 2022
Stephanie Kiwitt, from the series "Flächenland", 2022