Daily Memories

16.11.2014 -

Do you remember? Memory might be the most important method of our orientation in life. Such an immediate part of our personality and social beings are memories, so intangible do they seem to appear in the everyday function of our memory.

Our memories can deceive us, haunt us, they select what really happened, and they leave us – maybe especially in our time of today that is characterized by an unknown measure of technical storage capacity. Is our capacity of remembering losing its hitherto existing degree of insight, and are the parameters of reality already shifting into the perspective of keywords looked up on the internet? Art’s steady and maybe most important idea has always been to capture what has been in order to be able to tell about it later and elsewhere. The artistic form is both an instrument and a place for storing memories.

The works of 17 different international artists reveal many different methods that show the function of memory. There are, for example, the recalled images collectively anchored by mass media that Michael Schirner explores in his manipulated photographs, there is the fear of forgetting and being forgotten in the faceless portraits of painter Gideon Rubin, while Edgar Arceneaux’s video deals with the memory of his father.

Anahita Razmi’s photograph reminds us of pictures taken of Micheline Bernardini in the year 1946. Louis Réard, a designer, sent a mannequin on a catwalk in a two-piece swimsuit that was printed with press photos of the nuclear testing on Bikini Atoll.

Hans-Peter Feldmann explores typologies in everyday life. His photographic cycle “100 years” consists of 100 photos starting with a picture taken shortly after birth. Every following picture stands for one year of life. Ever so often does photography serve as a storage medium for memories in life.

The word “daily” points to our remembering in everyday life that is often triggered by unconscious stimuli like a sound, a smell – or when looking at art. Thus, the exhibition creates a complex horizon of images and meanings, providing a mirror for the visitor’s own experiences and memory.

Artists: Edgar Arceneaux, Jeremy Deller, Markus Draper, Hans-Peter Feldmann, Ruth Francken, Dieter Froelich, Michael Hofstetter, Sven Johne, Rashid Johnson, Joep van Liefland, Nicolas Nixon, Anahita Razmi, Realities:United, Gideon Rubin, Nichael Schirner, Nanaé Suzuki, Yin Xiuzhen



daily memories
Edited by Annegret Laabs and Uwe Gellner, 2015
Texts germ./engl.: Susanne Altmann, Gabriel Coxhead, Uwe Förster, Uwe Gellner, Karin Hutflötz, Annegret Laabs, Judith Mader, Anna Mühlhausen, Ilka Rambausek
Translation: Steven Lindberg
128 p., numerous illustrations, Softcover
ISBN 978-3-9816665-3-3
24.00 Euro