The Story of Christiane Möbus

21.02.2012 -

After Christiane Möbus had gathered enough feathers from ducks and other birds in 1971, she recklessly dared to jump into the clouds and dedicated her life to art.

She documents the course of the flight photographically and interprets it as "Frau Holle's unnecessary engagement with the shaman". The practiced flight of thoughts becomes the initial to trust in the lightness of inspiration and to subvert the laws of gravity. Carried away by the international avant-garde art of those years, Christiane Möbus examines the visual power of the simplest objects and actions in her early works. She has been able to keep the easy sense.

Christiane Möbus, Küsse vom König, 2001/2007

The stories of Christiane Möbus develop both from the edges of everyday life and from precise decisions. Her works are made up of words, found objects and built objects, in a mixture of artificiality and reality, which, sometimes written in a moody conversational tone, sometimes boldly acrobatic, but always from close observation, find each other and which, strung together like them Reading the pages of a diary. Her works have a language that breaks the rules of the conceptual and shifts them into poetic images. These are images of personal memories, everyday visions, role plays, intuitively condensed constructions with room for imagination. Still distrusting all formalisms and rules, her remarkably independent work knows no formal logic and is located between the conceptual categories of sculpture, object or installation. The exhibition gives a comprehensive overview of four decades of a special artist's life. Christiane Möbus has been a professor at the University of the Arts, Berlin for many years.