Auke de Vries

Living in trees

05.01.2004 -

With "Living in Trees", the Kunstmuseum Magdeburg is dedicating a second extensive retrospective to the artist, who was born in Bergum, Netherlands, in 1937. He became known to many Magdeburg residents primarily through his work "For Daphne".

The work encounters those arriving at the Nordbrückenzug as a first sign of the city. "For Daphne" is one of numerous works by the artist that have found their place in the cityscape around the world. The allusive, imaginative-open constructions are reminiscent of observation towers or tree houses. They draw the viewer's attention from the ground up and imagine him View from there of the surroundings. As spatial graphics, they expand the perception of a place. Its random or planned elements are set in motion, a process that the sculptures by Auke de Vries reflect. Their lightness and sophistication is far from the dominance of monumental size often turns them into places of communication, examples of which were made in Ludwigsburg and The Hague. The exhibition shows works by the artist from the past few years. This includes models and sketches of completed works or works that have remained drafts that are intended for public space.