Martin Assig

Because I was born

21.05.2019 -

The Magdeburg Art Museum is dedicating Martin Assig an extraordinarily extensive exhibition to this subject. In particular, new works from the St. Paul series will be shown. These include loans from important private collections.

Still and bound in the mystery of her inventiveness, Martin Assig's unusual visual world opens many doors to subjective reflections in the viewer. The access is created by the simplicity, repetition and flatness of his motifs, combined with a highly sensitive sense of colour. As if the artist had the gift to sweep out the hidden inner life under the visible exterior, his works often seem like transcriptions in which we encounter an inner soul life in simple patterns or apt statements. Everything seems scooped from rich cultural depth.
Martin Assig's floor painting for the monastery church completes this space and blends in aesthetically as if it had always been here. There have always been floors in this building which consist of gypsum screed and inlaid with pictures, which were typical of the Harz region at the time the monastery was built. Therefore the picture of Martin Assig was executed in this old complex technique by the company Huschenbeth, Mühlhausen.
The exhibition opens the view to the extensive current work of Martin Assig and refers to the history of the creation of the floor painting in the church.