Art and music today

09.09.2018 -

From 9 September, the Kunstmuseum Magdeburg will show that visual art and music do not have to be separate worlds. For a few decades now, artists have been exploring the transitions and spaces between these two arts or creating new ones themselves.

Video and performance artists nowadays use existing and newly composed music just as naturally as musicians and composers have switched to making their musical work a visual experience. And of course there are also exciting collaborations between the two fields.

Across all special exhibition areas, the art museums presents numerous current examples from graphics, painting, sculpture, installation and video under the title AMBITUS, which present structural, content and aesthetic points of contact between the two disciplines. You can experience works by more than 25 artists from Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, Albania, Great Britain, Israel, Canada and the USA.

Annika Kahrs, Infra Voice, 2018
Candice Breitz, Working Class Hero (A Portrait of John Lennon), 2006 © artist and Goodman Gallery, Kaufmann Repetto + KOW Berlin

William Engelen, Faltungen, 2017-18, background: Douglas Henderson, David Henderson, The sea is a big green lens, 2014

The term AMBITUS normally stands for the pitch between the highest and lowest notes, for example of a piece of music or an instrument, in this case it symbolizes the range, the diversity of the artists participating in this exhibition and their sometimes extensive multimedia works. The presentation concentrates on current developments and aims to arouse curiosity as to how boundaries can be broken in the connection of visual art and music and new spaces of experience constructed.


Werner Amann (D, * 1969 in Kösching), Cory Arcangel (USA, * 1978, Buffalo NY), Eberhard Blum (D, * 1940 in Stettin; † 2013 in Berlin) , Candice Breitz (ZA, * 1972 in Johannesburg), Robbie Cornelissen (NL, * 1954 in Utrecht) und Kees Went (NL, * 1951), William Engelen (NL, * 1964 in Weert), Jonas Englert (D, * 1989 in Friedberg), Brian Eno (GB, *1948 in Woodbridge, Suffolk), Douglas Henderson (USA, * 1960 in Baltimore) und David Henderson (USA, * 1960 in Atlanta), Annika Kahrs (D, * 1984 in Achim), Rainer Kohlberger (AT, * 1982 in Linz), Christina Kubisch (D, * 1948 in Bremen), Kaffe Matthews (GB, * 1961 in Good Easter in Essex, England), Bjørn Melhus (D, NO, * 1966 in Kirchheim unter Teck), Michaela Melián (D, * 1956 in München), Robin Minard (CA, * 1954 in Montreal, Canada), Haroon Mirza (GB, * 1977 in London), People Like Us (Vicki Bennett; GB, * 1967 in London), Ute Pleuger (D, * 1956 in Neuwied), Anri Sala (AL, * 1974 in Tirana), Marc Sabat (CA, * 1965 in Kitchener, Ontario) und Mareike Yin-Yee Lee (CA, * 1979 in Toronto), Yehudit Sasportas (IL, * 1969 in Aschdod), Per Olaf Schmidt (D, * 1980 in Gifhorn) und Sebastian Neubauer (D, * 1980 in Hameln), Richard T. Walker (GB, * 1977 in Shrewsbury)

The project is a collaboration between the Art Museum  and the Gesellschaftshaus Magdeburg . Parallel to the exhibition AMBITUS. Art and music today in the art museum there were concerts in the society house as well as in the concert hall "Georg Philipp Telemann".



AMBITUS. art and music today
Published by Annegret Laabs, 2018
Texts germ./engl.: Sandra Naumann, Annegret Laabs, Uwe Förster, Uwe Gellner, Christina Klein, Stephanie Milling
Translation: Julian Wheatley
175 p., numerous illustrations, Softcover
Kunstmuseum Kloster Unser Lieben Frauen
ISBN 978-3-9816665-6-4
price: 21.00 Euro