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Can one paint with glass? During this course, we show children what other possibilities exist apart from painting with a brush. Furthermore, we tell them stories about colours, for example how they can be used to change rooms.

Age: starting from day care centre Participants: max. 30 Duration: approx. 90 min.


Woodworm Hunt

The pupils get to know important details about medieval sculpture and can also have a look at the “works“ of the woodworms. After the exhibition tour, everybody can create his own mini-catalogue with a small woodworm as a companion.

Age: starting from day care centre Participants: max. 25 Duration: 90 min.


The Secret of the Museum’s Spider

An old building has many dark corners and silent angles where spiders love to live. On the tour through the Kunstmuseum, their webs or even the spiders themselves can surely be watched. But apart from this, there are many more exciting things to watch in the museum’s rooms. There is for example a device for cleaning the language and pillars full of faces. After the “spider tour” the pupils can build their own individual museum spiders and document them photographically.

Age: 2nd to 5th grade Participants: max. 25 Duration: 90-120 min Costs: 0.50 € each


Figures and Faces

The sculptures in the intermediate and lower level of the barrel vault look extremely diverse, which does not only apply to their faces. During this course, we want to draw the children’s attention on these special features. After this, we go to the kid’s atelier and everybody will get the chance to create own figures or faces with the use of modelling compound.

Age: starting from day care centre Participants: max. 20 Duration: 90 min. Costs: 0.50 € each


The Story of the little Yellow
Once upon a time there was a little yellow color. It lived at the Kunstmuseum Kloster Unser Lieben Frauen, in the painting of the artist Hartwig Ebersbach. One day, the little yellow colour decided to leave the painting and to start searching for other colours…

The children will get to know whom the little yellow colour meets on its journey and what experiences it makes. Everybody can make up own stories about the painting’s colours and create pictures.
Age: 3rd – 8th grade Participants: up to 25 Duration: approx. 90 min.



Since some years, videos do also belong to the museum’s collection. Sometimes, artists even use animation techniques. But there are even more possibilities for producing moving pictures. During this course, the children will get to know how this is realised. After this, they are given the opportunity to make things move. Apart from a mini cinema for the fingers, cartoons can also be created, provided that groups are small.

Age: starting from 3rd grade Participants: max. 20 Duration: 90-120 min.


A Museum for the Trouser Pocket

When running through the museum’s exhibition rooms, it is difficult to remember all the artworks. This goes easier with playing memory. At the beginning, the children can play some rounds of the game. After this, they get to know some of the artworks shown on the cards and can create their own game. This way, everybody has his own little art museum for the trouser pocket. 
Age: starting from day care centre Participants: max. 25 Duration: approx. 90 min.


Sculpture park-rally
Who knows where a jaguar hides in the sculpture park? Who finds out where a man and a woman have a conversation? Or what is a rabbit doing in a sculpture park? These and many more riddles can be solved on the exploration tour through the art museum’s sculpture park. Equipped with a map and tricky tasks, the children start their course in small groups through the center of Magdeburg.
Age: starting from 3rd grade Participants: max. 25 Duration: approx. 90 min


Living Sculptures

The sculpture park, which lies in the area of the Kunstmuseum, offers many possibilities to study the basics of sculptural work in a playful way. After the pupils have learned some more about several artworks, they can turn into one of the just seen works and take pictures of each other.

Age: starting from 5th grade Participants: max. 25 Duration: approx. 90 min.


Magdeburg Monsters
Since some years, the sculpture “Greenhouse” forms part of the museum’s collection. It offers unique conditions to plants and even small animals like it there. Since the grass has not been mowed for a long time, undiscovered species like the “Magdeburg Monster” could hide there. What they look like? Well, with a bit of fantasy and different materials everyone can decide about this.
Participants: max. 25 Duration: approx. 90 – 120 min. Costs: 0.50 € each

Writing with Pen and Ink 
At first, the participants will watch a video, in which the technique of book production during the Middle Ages is explained.
Participants are advised to listen carefully, so that they can answer the questions on the worksheet correctly. Furthermore, the pupils will get to know some writing materials and can have a look at old books.
After this, they can try to write with (metal-nibbed) quills and ink.
Initials can also be created individually and in colour.
Age: 3rd - 5th grade Participants: max. 25   Duration: 90 min.

Sunny Atelier

Equipped with easel and everything what little artists need for their work, we set off to find an attractive place near the Kunstmuseum to paint there (on the banks of the river Elbe, next to the Cathedral or the Hundertwasser-Building). The museum’s courtyard also offers numerous motifs for painting.

Age: starting from day care centre Participants: max. 15 Duration: approx. 60 min.