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Maix Mayer – Alphaville MD
Media installation

For some years, Maix Mayer has been exploring the future of our past. He dedicates himself to utopias and models which were formerly seen as new and should open the door to a new apostrophized “modern time” – hence, the future that has become our present in the meantime. The questions he raises in this context are: Where did we get and what former expectations have we actually realized?



City planning always addresses to a future and in architectural styles, the visions of their time of origin can always be recognized. Like no other, Ulrich Müther stands for the characteristic construction material of modernism, for reinforced concrete and extraordinary bold methods of appliance in the GDR. Even "Magdeburg is Müther-City", says Maix Mayer, who has already focused on the buildings of Ulrich Müther, especially in his video projects. To the famous works of Ulrich Müther belong the Hyparschale (a hyperbolic-parabolic shell), the design of the Fahnenmonument by the bank of the river Elbe, the Schirmschalen, located in front of the shop in the Julius-Bremer-Street (opposite the Karstadt car park), as well as the former restaurant "Kosmos" in the Otto-Baer-Street, city district Reform. All these works and installations can be found in Magdeburg.


Maix Mayer: "An important feature of my works is the integration of local architectural 'iconographical (identity creating)' places and 'non-places' and their synthesis/reflection within cinematic narrative. The atmospheric research of the urban/suburban environment via camera (visual) and microphone (auditory) leads to a specific and fictional form of 'documentary'. Through the special feature of dual integration of the film set's architecture within the urban and artistic discourse, new concepts for the production and reception of 'space' are encouraged. This process could be described as SITUATIONAL URBANISM. For the media installation 'Alphaville - MD', the city of Magdeburg and its surroundings form the setting for the urban cinematic field research. In the film, the architecture takes over the role of protagonists, then forms a transformed part of the exhibited museum's architecture and finally becomes setting and projection screen at the same time."


For realizing his previous artistic projects, Maix Mayer has worked in cities like Tokyo, Brasilia, London, Montreal and Dresden; furthermore in smaller places like Kühlungsborn and Altenburg in Germany. The title "Alphaville - MD" refers to a movie classic by Jean-Luc Godard with the title "Une étrange aventure de Lemmy Caution" (Alphaville: A Strange Adventure of Lemmy Caution). In his movie, Godard combines the genres of science-fiction and film noir. His movie, shot in Paris in 1965, illustrates that the future can mostly and already be seen in the present.